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Caldersburgh Trading Company is an awesome ladies boutique located in Historic Roscoe Village, a restored 1800s canal town.  The town of Roscoe was originally called Caldersburgh after it’s founder, James Calder.  The town grew once the Ohio and Erie Canal came through and the town’s name was eventually changed to Roscoe.

Caldersburgh Trading Company is located in The Gleason-Finlay House built in 1887.  This building is the only wood frame double-family structure on Whitewoman Street. In Roscoe Village The present structure replaced a tavern, which had burned. The lumber for this home was provided by the Adams-Gleason Lumber Company, which was located along the canal in the “Industrial Park” area near the lower basin in the late 1880s.

‘Why is it called Whitewoman Street?’ you may ask.

The name goes back even before the canal times.  Mary Harris, a captive of the Indians, was considered the first ‘White Woman’ in the Ohio Country.  She and her Indian family settled in a nearby town in 1748.  She was so respected by her Indian peers that they named the village where she lived ‘Whitewoman Town’, and the trail leading to the village was called ‘Whitewoman Trail.  That trail is today’s Whitewoman Street. (Walhonding is the Indian word for Whitewoman).


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